galactic rendezvous

mom please don’t be grumpy and yell and stuff pl e as e

i know this is something you don’t really want to do i know i know

I hope it all goes well! Oh, I’ll be returning to KCAI in the Spring, so if you are open to a roommate, let me know! :)

we probably wont be since its me and pheeb in a 2 bedroom, but itll be rad to see you again aah !!

within like the next 30 minutes im gonna leave with my mom to KC and we are (hopefully) going to put a deposit down on an apartment


I’m not sure which is better, the question or the response

Knuckles the Echidna - oh no
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oh no

i smell like beef i smell like beef i smell like b


imagine if women could be popular lets players or video game reviewers on reviewers. imagine if women could do that and not be relentlessly harassed. imagine if the gaming community wasnt still a sausage fest in 2014. imagine


*me pointing to my gender* cool gender
*truscum large crying voice* No.. you dont underknow .. Stop.. thats not a gender you are wrong… please… please stop talking about gender you are too wrong for it… You cannot say this fake thing 
*me pointing to my gender* love that gender


#5653: attention everybody

i just got a cool idea for an ink mother3 fanart pic but I bet it’s been done before but I will probably still do it




I can not stop watching this

this video has disrupted my entire day

im going to queue this forever

this is the last thing u see before u die


for every human being that has ever lived, there is also a skeleton. and the skeleton lives longer 

there is a video of a great dane standing in a bathtub who is unable to get out of the bathtub and for the past 4 years it has been applicable to every OTP i have ever had. i swear to god. it is still applicable.



b’daww (also me)